Easy Basic Charges ! No Hassle !

$500.00 for 6 basic web pages with a few images and text on each. (Personal Web-sites are half price)

$50.00 for each additional page thereafter.

$55.00 per hour - non profits

$65.00 per hour - for profits

Digital Images, editing and optimizing images, designing banners, logos, backgrounds, Image Mapping are at the hourly rate.

Setting up E-Commerce, E-mail, Interactive Calendars, Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Discussion Groups, Guest Books, Hit Counter, Search Tools, Videos, Audios, Presentations, and Clocks are at the hourly rate.

Monthly Editing and Maintaining

Any monthly Editing and Maintaining is a standard minimum charge of

Paid Monthly: $75.00 ($900.00 annually)

Paid in advance.  (New Discounted Editing and Maintaining Fees Effective January, 2007)

6 Mo. = $405.00 (10% discount)

1 Yr. = $675.00 (25% discount)

2Yr. = $1206.00 (33% discount)

3 Yr.= $1350.00 (50% discount)

This includes updates on data and timestamps, check and repair HTML codes, images and links, check for spelling errors , re-registrations, search engine optimization and website analysis.


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Site Maintenance plan also includes:
Testing after every edit
   2.    Full Backup copy of your website
   3.    Monthly, detailed invoicing
   4.    Communication by e-mail, and / or phone 5 days a week.

  • Search Engine Submissions are also included in the site maintenance plan.

Note: The most beautifully designed website can be "dead in the water" if the search engine submissions are not done, done correctly, and regularly.  Researching all the information online can be tedious and time consuming.  Here is one helpful link on Following the Rules Using Search Engine Guidelines to Increase Your Rankings.


Why use our Web Site Maintenance Service?

  1. Have a web representative at your fingertips whenever you need one.  No need to train your staff.

  2. Most requests completed the same day.

  3. Cost-Effective.

  4. Friendly, personal service!

Domain Registrations

Domain registrations are done with mydomain.com and godaddy.com: However Andreas Web will do the registration process free. Any domain registration fees are paid by Andreas Web Design and will reflect on the client's invoice.

Domain Transfers: $55.00

Host your Web Site on Andreasweb.com

$9.95 per month: Your domain address: www.your_name.com

$5.95 per month: www.andreasweb.com/your_name.com


GIFT CERTIFICATES: are for web design only (web pages) but can include a domain registration process. Certificates can't be used for Consulting, (scripting) Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Discussion Groups, Guest Books, Hit Counters, Search Tools, Monthly Editing and Maintaining, Videos, Audios or Presentations.  

Note: All certificates are valid for 1 year.

Late Payments: Invoices 30 days overdue, may be charged a 2% service charge.

For more information please e-mail Andreasweb.com

Thank you



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